Existing Customers

The rules for wedding venues set by Government are being reviewed frequently as the ongoing pandemic develops. This means that what is and what is not allowed may change at short notice.

Please visit this guidance page regularly to check for updates and changes.

In line with the latest Government Roadmap Out of Lockdown we are currently open with restrictions and not before 19 July 2021 to be able to conduct events with fewer or no restricitons in place.

The Government's announcement on 14 June does not mean that weddings booked between 21 June and 19 July can take place with numbers greater than 30.  Any raising of the maximum number of guests only applies to the cermony itself and is still subject to a risk assessment to determine the maxmum safe number of people allowed under socal distancing rules.  This number varies depending on the number of households present.

Wedding breakfasts are also subject to social distancing measures and the wearing of masks when not seated and eating or drinking. Table services is still in operation.  Dancing and entertainment in the evening is still prohibited.

The Government guidance on this is: "We hope to reopen remaining premises, including nightclubs, and ease the restrictions on large events and performances that apply in Step 3. This will be subject to the results of a scientific Events Research Programme to test the outcome of certain pilot events through the spring and summer, where we will trial the use of testing and other techniques to cut the risk of infection. The same Events Research Programme will guide decisions on whether all limits can be removed on weddings and other life events." The full guidance summary can be found here.

We realise that customers will have many questions regarding existing bookings and will contact existing customers regarding bookings which have already been made if there is a need to do so. For example if the Government expects a period of restrictions or lockdown to continue and this affects a booking which has already been made.

Customers with bookings that are affected will be offered an alternative date at no extra cost on which their wedding or event can take place on a like for like basis. There is no maximum number of times we are prepared to reschedule weddings and events to accommodate our customers due to Covid-19.  

We will always try to ensure that customers with bookings on peak days will be given preference for similar dates if their wedding or event has to be rescheduled. If this is not possible we will make up the difference in price with additional goods and services or cashback at our discretion.

Customers can, if they wish, split their wedding so that the formal marriage ceremony can take place subject to current restrictions for a limited number of people with the celebration/reception taking place at a later date when restrictions are lifted and again this shall be at no extra cost.

All customers who are paying by instalments must ensure they pay on time on the original instalment date even if their event is rescheduled for a later date.

We are being very flexible regarding dates and will ensure that every event booked at Lyme Breeze will go ahead. All that we ask is that you are also flexible and understand that due to factors outside the control of all us we cannot guarantee that a wedding or an event will take place on a specific date.

If we have to reschedule weddings and events we will give as much notice as possible and will work with our customers to do everything we can to find a date which is acceptable to both parties.